By Jeremy Roberts


Percept produced many creative rollers many years ago currently running all over the city. Most pieces might be pre-2007 as I moved here then and noticed they were runners and haven't seen much new from him since. I always thought his letters were interesting in that he used these long, tall and narrow(probably just the roller pad wide) letters while using creative ways to make the letters bend, mingle, and stack on top of each other. I would say he wasn't afraid to break from the normal square, block type used traditionally in most roller pieces. This type of lettering style and structure reminds me of what was happening a bit in Detroit in the late 90's and early 00's but definitely not the same thing.  As you will see in further examples he either did regular rollers standing on the roof, hang-overs from the top, and was smart with his spot selections and his approach to owning and taking up space.

Mission and 19th

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