By Rob Meinhardt
Cut & Run

I have always loved collecting. Upon recently starting a Malt Liquor collection I have uncovered some seriously interesting shit. This will be a short series of entries investigating the marketing of Malt Liquor, based mostly on products from the 1960s-2000.

It will illustrate certain schemes and themes used by the Malt Liquor industry that I find both attractive, and irresponsible. Product names and logos, distinct imagery and print advertising will be explored in this series of posts.

This first installment about Malt Liquor marketing will focus on a genre that is perhaps the most prevalent: wild animals. What better way to attract the type of man who would drink Malt Liquor, than to align your product with the characteristics of a ferocious animal beast?  Manly men are inherently attracted to members of the animal kingdom that are deemed powerful and dangerous.  As a man, I like to consider myself both powerful and dangerous.  Therefore I like to consume products that cater to someone concerned with power and danger.  Here are a few examples of Malt Liquor brands that chose this angle.

From the badman known as Big Bobby Bullets, Rob Meinhardt. Check him out here!


  1. kasey mahoney says:

    Great collection going on here!

  2. toasty redhead says:

    I didn't know that.


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