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Cut & Run

I have always loved collecting. Upon recently starting a Malt Liquor collection I have uncovered some seriously interesting shit. This will be a short series of entries investigating the marketing of Malt Liquor, based mostly on products from the 1960s-2000. It will illustrate certain schemes and themes used by the Malt Liquor industry that I find both attractive, and irresponsible. Product names and logos, distinct imagery and print advertising will…


Mural by Jorge Gonzalez

Jorge Gonzalez // Cut & Run.

Daaaamn. The homie Jorge Gonzalez comin through with a sick mural he got commissioned while on his trip to his home away from the bay…. leavin a masterpiece behind in the city of angels. Jorge will be Doin Hoodrat Stuff with His Friends tomorrow in Oakland… doin a live mural painting with Izzy Sanchez.   Get on our level.


Do Hoodrat Stuff With Your Friends

Disney hoodrats.

On May 21, AKA Judgement Day, we’re throwing a launch party. We decided to call it “Time to Do Hoodrat Stuff with Your Friends” with respect to this kid, and I got started making a flyer. It turned out to be fun and I made a lot. Have a Tumblr? Follow it HERE. Brian Metros and I will be sure to keep it full of stuff for you to look…


Welcome to cut & run.

Suuuup. Thanks for checkin us out! Through this blog, a collective of creative people & friends (from here on known as the cut & run collective) will share our work, progress, & what inspires us to grow. Join us in our journey of creative growth & our explorations into the art & culture that makes us tick. One thing’s for sure… you can expect big thangs from this crew in…