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Hoodrat Stuff // May 21, 2011

Judgement day came & went without much notice for most people (was anyone really surprised?), but at cut & run we saw it as a perfect opportunity to celebrate our debauchery,¬†lawlessness, & most of all the official kickoff for this little project of ours. It’s been going really great, & we want to thank you all for the support you’ve shown us so far… it’s definitely a motivator for us…


Mural by Jorge Gonzalez

Jorge Gonzalez // Cut & Run.

Daaaamn. The homie Jorge Gonzalez comin through with a sick mural he got commissioned while on his trip to his home away from the bay…. leavin a masterpiece behind in the city of angels. Jorge will be Doin Hoodrat Stuff with His Friends tomorrow in Oakland… doin a live mural painting with Izzy Sanchez.   Get on our level.


Do Hoodrat Stuff With Your Friends

Disney hoodrats.

On May 21, AKA Judgement Day, we’re throwing a launch party. We decided to call it “Time to Do Hoodrat Stuff with Your Friends” with respect to this kid, and I got started making a flyer. It turned out to be fun and I made a lot. Have a Tumblr? Follow it HERE. Brian Metros and I will be sure to keep it full of stuff for you to look…


Joel Ross // Sponsor Me

Sponsor Me by Joel Ross

Check out the newest piece done by the homie Joel Ross (AKA Geollyfish). Joel’s been doin tons of work lately and his style is developing nicely. Keep an eye on his progress on his blog here. Definitely stoked to see what Joel has in store for us in the future.