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There can be a lot said, and there has, of GREY’s originality and influence on San Francisco, West Coast, and worldwide graffiti. Plain and simple Grey was a savage in his day. Rumors fly and he has had his up’s and down’s but he will forever be known as a legend for the work, style, and influence he put down for graffiti. I always thought him and Amaze’s trickery in…




PERCEPT Percept produced many creative rollers many years ago currently running all over the city. Most pieces might be pre-2007 as I moved here then and noticed they were runners and haven’t seen much new from him since. I always thought his letters were interesting in that he used these long, tall and narrow(probably just the roller pad wide) letters while using creative ways to make the letters bend, mingle,…




1st in an ongoing series of sprayin’, spritzin’, and graff’n ‘n’ dancin’. Most will fall under these categories: -Runners -Classics -Some current -Personal favorites   I’ll start with the piece that got me thinking about starting this series: The huge Saber roller on Market St that has been running for around a decade. I skimmed over his book years ago when it came out and I think a blockbuster like…


Alex Maclean // Robert Koch Gallery


Alex Maclean The American Landscape at the Tipping Point May 5 – July 2, 2011 Reception for the Artist: Thursday, May 5,  5:30 – 7:30 SAN FRANCISCO – The Robert Koch Gallery is pleased to present its first exhibition of photographs by Alex MacLean, who for over thirty years has been documenting a changing American landscape, and the complex relationship between its natural and constructed environments. Internationally recognized for his…


Critical Mass 2010 // Across the Divide


ACROSS THE DIVIDE: CRITICAL MASS 2010 (JUROR: TODD HIDO) The aim of Photolucida’s Critical Mass program is to give exposure to emerging and mid-career photographers across the globe. In 2010, 552 artists entered their work for the chance to be seen by over 200 professionals in the photography world. Curators, gallery directors, editors, and publishers juried the work of these artists, and through a truly democratic process, narrowed the field…


SFAC Gallery // 2011 Sister City Biennial // San Francisco & Sydney


The San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) Gallery and CarriageWorks (Sydney, AU) present the inaugural 2011 Sister City Biennial. Every two years the SFAC Gallery, San Francisco’s municipal contemporary art gallery, will partner with an arts institution in one of our Sister Cities around the globe. The collaborative efforts will result in a visual art exhibition in each location, featuring some of the best and brightest artists each city has to…


Against The Grain // 1 AM SF


If you weren’t at the Against The Grain opening at 1 AM Gallery in SF last Friday night… you got caught slippin. Against The Grain is an absolutely sick show featuring Julie West, Munk One, 123 Klan and Hydro 74. The artists went all-out and put some of their best work forward, and aside from some lady stumbling and spilling wine all over a 123 Klan print, the opening went…




One day while listening to the amazing Oakland based podcast Snap Judgement and fighting the war on terror with my immaculate Photoshop skills (aka cloning  trees for a company that makes flight simulator programs for the armed forces) I was blessed with listening to this story by Delfin Vigil. The author discovers the work of San Francisco sidewalk artist NIKKO in the Nob Hill/Russian Hill/Chinatown areas, does some serious research…